'Tis the Season to be Merry!


Jefferson Coombs
Executive Director
California Alumni Association

Jefferson Coombs
Socialize with fellow alumni and enjoy complimentary food and drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, and juices) that will be provided as part of your up-to-date membership

Come make your voice heard & help us decide the future of your club!

For those of you who want to help the club grow, and help Berkeley and your fellow alumni in the process, please consider running for the Board; we invite you to view the documents below and send completed forms to info@dccalalumni.org

For a full list of job descriptions and elections information, as well as an officer nomination form, open the following links:

  1. Elections Information - Officer Criteria
  2. Club Bylaws
  3. Officer Statement of Candidacy

Thank you again for your support as we grow. 
Don't forget to ensure that your membership is current and RSVP below!



Previous Speakers:

2011 - Dr. Rosemary Joyce, Professor of Anthropology – Acting Dean, Graduate Division

2012 - Dr. Andrew Szeri, Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Vice Provost, Strategic Academic & Facilities Planning

2013 - Dr. Tyler Stovall, Professor of History – Dean, Undergraduate Division, College of Letters & Science

December 13, 2014 at 5:30pm - 8:30pm
UC Washington Center
1608 Rhode Island Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036
United States
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Dave Timmons, Past President ·
Douglas Clark Neetu Puranikmath miranda Dean Sheida Elmi Niranjan Adhikari Katherine Harmon Luke Ward Samuel Meyers Wayne Pan Alexis Van Dyke John Pollner Christina Naify Susan Katz Clark Brian Clark Victoria Brademan Kathy Molina Lorie Pesonen Moody Bill Snowden Chris Carson Karen O'Brien Wayne King Robert Kaufman Lonie Kim Matias Barenstein Heather Asfan George Zhang Jarro Cajandab Roa Cap Alum Board Colin Hughes Jason Wan Samantha Serafica Juanita Islas Ast T-yan Bruce Yarwood Yolanda Castillo Mikael Lindfors Allard Chu George Arnstein Kelly Chang Judith Lelchook Denise Hesterberg Michelle Sauve Andrew Adelman Chuck Chatlynne Christian Dolores Toya Carmichael Mike Collins Anne Johnson
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    Please RSVP: Cal DC 2014 Holiday Social / Annual Meeting & Elections
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    Current candidates for 2014 DC Cal Board of Directors are listed below. We will send full candidate statements later today to all paid club members, as well as to everyone who have RSVPed for the Holiday Social via our website. Please note that alums can file for office all the way up to the start of elections tomorrow evening. To fill out the form, click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/156lu1VwBcnsV1Hk4oga4-wqaLiqDRR3tiXCEgx-yPiU/viewform?usp=send_form#start=invite Thank you - hope to see you on Saturday. Go Bears! President: Stephen Huber Executive Vice-President: Lina Woo Membership Director: no filed candidates yet Secretary: Alyssa Woo Treasurer: not up for election this year Vice President, Activities: (non-sports events, community service, social, etc.) Allard Chu Vice President, Athletics: (game viewings, sports teams, sports outings) no filed candidates yet Vice President, Professional Development: (networking, career development, mixers, etc.) no filed candidates yet Vice President, Student Relations: (campus & UCDC relationship, Cal in the Capital, etc.) Greg Rogers
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    This is the space at the UC Washington Center where our Holiday Social will be this Saturday (these photos are from a Cal spirit rally we held there a few years ago). We have a great speaker flying out from Berkeley to give a special Cal campus update at the Holiday Social. Complimentary beverages of all sorts, quality food, and a lot of Cal holiday spirit will be provided to all! We hope to see you on Saturday! To RSVP, click here: http://dccalalumni.nationbuilder.com/2014_holiday_social_annual_meeting
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