2018 Cal In The Capital - Internships Need Filling!

Cal in the Capital (CITC) interns are coming to D.C. this summer!  As you may know, this terrific program celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.  Over these many years, our DC area Cal alumni have provided and/or helped many CITC interns find good summer internships, held events for/with them, been mentors, and worked to raise funds for the program.  These students are among the best ambassadors Cal can possibly have here in DC.

There are 82 students participating in CITC this summer and as of this writing, 50 still need internships!  They start work the week of June 5th and work full time for 12 weeks. They've already been working hard applying for jobs in DC, but need our help in securing internships so that all of the students are able to come and experience what many past participants have called a "life-changing experience" here.  Please check out the list of interns at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KzUTDsyIOPEP0sMwumIeM7dxBHjJIZGB42kvf_XPz_E/edit
Consider hiring an intern in your office or helping an intern find a job elsewhere in your organization/agency, and please SHARE it with your networks and others.  The wider this list can be shared, the better the chance that all these wonderful Cal students will have rewarding jobs this summer. If you see an intern you feel could be an asset for your organization or whom you would like to refer, please contact them directly! 
Additionally, if you have, or know of, a current open internship position, feel free to send a position description to Esther Kim, at kimestherhana@berkeley.edu or Celine Song, at q_song@berkeley.edu. Please let Esther or Celine know if you have any problems accessing this document.  If you would like to speak with a local alum who employed many Cal interns over the years for information on how the program works, please feel free to contact Betsy Keenan, at ebear3.ek@gmail.com, or (703) 472-4993.
Thank you for your help and Go Bears!
June 01, 2018 at 12pm - 3pm
Washington DC
Betsy Keenan · · 703-492-4993

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