Welcome to the Voice that Celebrates Bear Territory here in D.C.!

Welcome to the new face of the University of California, Berkeley Alumni Club of Washington, D.C.--appropriately nicknamed the DC Cal Alumni Club.

We are so excited about the next few months as we completely overhaul our communications, data management, and most importantly, our engagement with you.

Partnering with NationBuilder, the DC Cal Alumni Club is revamping our web presence, which will include better outreach with you online. 


For a long while (really since the 1930s, the club's inception), we (volunteer alumni with 9-5 jobs) relied on existing tools of the day to keep track of membership and communicate with you, our stakeholders. The times evolved, and so did we, so we went from paper records to Excel, and then later to Google.

As we continue to grow, however (CAA estimates that there are around 10,000 alumni that live in the D.C., Maryland, & Virginia metropolitan area), we realized that we could no longer take on a manual oversight of club data. We needed a centralized system to help us from ensuring that we serve you to the best degree possible.

So we partnered with Nation Builder.

What does this mean?Cal_Flag.jpg

Nation Builder allows us to centralize information with all of our events, into one calendar. It tracks your RSVP, makes payments easier, and most importantly at all: it means that we can strategically engage with you on the stuff that you love about the club.

This means more networking online (job postings, housing, mentorship, etc.) where you get to create your profile and get to see the powerful and prominent peers/alumni among us, increased visibility of the club, and folding more Cal alumni who have yet to know about us.

Ultimately, we want to create a community here that is long lasting, hopefully with its own full-time staff member, who devotes his/her time to providing the best programming in the nation's capital.

With your help, we'll be able to show D.C. that Bear Territory is more than just alive and well--that we take our motto "Fiat Lux" seriously.

So let's show 'em. And stay tuned as we roll it out (and roll on).


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