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Are you interested in one-on-one mentoring opportunities with UCDC students? Volunteer as an alumni mentor for the UCDC Mentorship Program! 

Current cycle: 

  • Fall Semester (14-week): August 28 - December 8
  • Fall Quarter (10-week): September 25-December 8

Program details:

  1. UCDC asks that mentors agree to at least two in-person meetings with their mentee.
  2. Mentees are responsible for contacting their mentors and setting up meetings.
  3. By Saturday, August 26 (for semester matches) or Saturday, September 16 (for quarter matches), matched mentors will be provided the name and contact information for their undergraduate mentee, and know who to expect an email from. 

This is a rolling registry. You will be contacted only when matched with a student mentee. This is contingent on the number of students requesting to be matched with mentors. If not matched this cycle, your information will be retained for matching in a future cycle.

Future cycles:

  • Winter Quarter (10-week): January 8 - March 16
  • Spring Semester (14-week): January 8 - April 20
  • Spring Quarter (10-week): March 26 - June 8

If available and willing, register today! The more details you provide, the better we can match you to a mentee! 

If you have any questions, please contact Kolby Keo at


Kolby Keo
Assistant to the Executive Director / Alumni Affairs
UC Washington Program (UCDC)

August 26, 2017 at 12pm - 5:59pm
UCDC Center
Kolby Keo ·

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