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  • donated 2020-05-08 00:08:32 -0400

    COVID-19 Relief

    $60.00 raised
    Goal: $1,000.00

    Thank you for your generous donation to our COVID-19 relief efforts! We're thrilled to say that we will be supporting 3 organizations in a 3 month effort to support our communities. Over the course of 3 months, we will match up to $450 of donations.

    1. Meals for our hospitals with Homeslyce - Join us and support our game bar and our local medical teams by helping us to purchase a meal for hospital employees
    2. Bread for the City - Join us and support our local DC non-profit who is comprehensively responding to COVID-19  to low income populations in the DC area by expanding community partnerships, online grocery delivery, providing continual medical care, and developing responsible and creative programming.
    3. TBD - Do you have a great organization that you think needs support? Email suggestions to [email protected]

    Stay safe and Go Bears!